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Note: All names and e-mail address remain confidential and are not distributed to users.

If you are interested in hosting a forum of your own, or wish to suggest a specialist forum, email the webmaster.

We are also looking for volunteers who would be interested in hosting the following forums: home cell forum, women's ministry, praise and worship forum, men's ministry, priests and religious e-mail forums (forum for priests and religious), scripture study forum and charismatic renewal forum. If you would like to start a forum of your own, please email the webmaster with your suggestions.

red_triangle.gif (853 bytes) Roman Catholic (Department of Evangelization) Discussion &
    Prayer Forum

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Roman Catholic

(Department of Evangelization)
Discussion & Prayer Forum

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An e-mail based forum for Roman Catholic members and Christians interested in the Roman Catholic faith. If you wish to register, but do not wish to receive individual e-mails, please ensure that you select the daily digest format. Once you have submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a welcome message from the forum moderator. Please visit the website catholic-sa archive and select whether you wish to receive individual e-mails, daily summaries or the daily digest.

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red_triangle.gif (853 bytes) Inter-denominational Christian Discussion & Prayer Forum

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Christian Discussion and Prayer Forum

An e-mail based forum for Christians regardless of their religious denomination. If you wish to register, but do not wish to receive individual e-mails, please ensure that you select the daily digest format. You may do so at alleluia archive. Once you have submitted your e-mail address, you will receive a welcome message from the forum moderator. We are hoping to distribute the sermons of other South African Christian Churches, with their prior consent.

red_triangle.gif (853 bytes) Bill Haefele's Daily Devotional Mail

Daily Christian devotional mail sent to your mail box. Compiled by Bill Haefele.

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red_triangle.gif (853 bytes) Catholic Church Reflection Group

The Catholic Church mailing list has been created to discuss and reflect on the essential issues of Christianity and matters about which Catholics are concerned as the Church enters the new millennium. This forum has been created by Michael J. McCann, and is moderated by him. We recommended this forum, especially in light of its focus.

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Other online forums for Prayer & Discussion

red_triangle.gif (853 bytes) Catholic Pages Discussion Forum

Catholic-Pages.com have a very active Discussion Board. Everything from light banter among friends to in-depth discussions about difficult moral questions and complex Church teachings. If you have a question about the Faith, this is the place to ask it. If you enjoy talking about your faith with others, then you'll feel right at home. Or just listen in and see if you learn something new. You can even receive all the messages and respond by e-mail (just like an email discussion list)! Read through some conversations in "Guest" mode, or register and pull up your soapbox straight away!

Catholic Pages Discussion Forum


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