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  • Word of God Hour: This resource was developed by Fr. John Mole, O.M.I., to help afolk prepare for the coming Sunday's readings. A full three year cycle is gathered together in which a theme is presented that is particular to the given Sunday or Feast-Day and then is related to each each of the three readings. (Aug 99)
  • WordStudy: A Catholic Resource for the study of this Sunday's gospel, the site includes a children's story as well as an adult study. Prepared by Larry Broding and posted several days in advance. (Feb 99)
  • Weekly Spiritual Reflection: by Father Patrick Umberger of Saint Bronislava Parish, these are posted Sunday for the coming week. Check as well the questions in "This Weekend's Readings" (May 99)
  • The Text This Week: Resources for students, teachers, and preachers of the RCL by Jenee Woodard, this new site attempts to provide comprehensive study and worship material related to each text for the upcoming Sunday, including historical and contemporary references to the specific texts from resources like the "Church Fathers". (Dec 98)
  • The Weekly Homily of Fr. Daniel Meynen: Sign up to recieve the homily in advance by e-mail (by Wednesday) and check the sermon archives on the site for all three years of the (Roman) RCL. Fr. Daniel is one of the first net ministers. (Nov 99)
  • This Sunday's Message: Lectionary sermons by Father George Griffin of the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mount Vernon., Virginia. Posted by Thursday.
  • This Weaks' Hermeneutic by Rev. Joseph A. Weaks, a Disciples of Christ currently working on a PhD in Biblical Studies. Joseph writes: 'To enhance my own preparation and spiritual renewal, I have developed the practice of journaling hermeneutical reflections on the current weeks' lectionary readings.". Posted normally by Tuesday. (Nov 99)
  • Sunday Homilies by Fr. Munachi Ezeogu: Father Munachi is a Nigerian Catholic priest who updates his site by the mid-week preceding the date of preaching. (Dec 98)
  • Preachers Exchange: Reflections On Next Week's Scripture: from Fr. Jude Siciliano, O.P., posted on the Dominican Central website on Sunday for the following week. Roman Variant of the RCL. Please note that a Spanish Language Reflection titled "Homilias Dominicales" is also located at the above URL. Another excellent site, is the Real Audio Homily From The Dominican Conference Centre in River Forest, IL - but the homily is "after the fact" rather than in advance. (Mar 99)
  • Meeting Christ in The Liturgy: The Word on The Web: Weekly reflections on the Sunday Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic Church By Father Cusick. Follows the Roman variant of the RCL - in advance.
  • Andrew Greeley's Catholic Homilies: Short exegesis of one of the upcoming lection texts followed by a short story or illustration - posted in advance by one of America's most noted authors. Follows the Roman variant of the RCL. (Jun 98)
  • Catholic Homilies and Sermons: A meta site with abundant third party preaching resources organized "in advance" through the left side frame on your screen - which is very well done. Right frame features links to be examined and/or the page you have surfed to. (Apr 99)
  • Catholic Lectionary Homilies & Ideas: provided by Father Jim Mazzone. All homilies are posted by Friday night at the latest. This well designed easy to use site contains excellent homiletical materials for Sundays (and soon will have Holy and Feast Days). Father Jim is aiming to have a full three year cycle online soon. The site is searchable in various ways - though only a very few materials have been posted so far. (Jul 99)
  • The Catholic Calendar Page: Locate the liturgical event and texts for any day of the year according to the Roman variant of the Common Lectionary. Very Useful page that opens on the "daily lection". We recommend this page highly. (Mar 99)
  • The Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass: Prof. Felix Just, S.J. of Loyola Marymount University, provides comprehensive tables of scripture readings from several editions of the Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass. (Jun 99)
  • Reflections on The Daily Lectionary: leads to "One Bread, One Body", a site with reflections on the daily Roman lectionary. Archived dates available.
  • Liturgy of the Hours - The Divine Office: This excellent site gives you, according to your time zone - the daily office -- a wonderful online system of doing your daily devotionals. (03/98)
  • Oremus: A form of daily Christian prayer (the Daily Office) published on the Net by Steve Benner and Simon Kershaw (A daily mailing is also available). Meant to be accessible to those outside the Roman tradition. (Feb 99)
  • Worship Manual, 3rd ed., 1st Rev: WM3a.pdf


The Parish Registry System (PRS) is an MS-Windows-based program designed to make parish record-keeping easier. It consists of six registers: Families, Groups, Planned Giving, Baptisms, Weddings and Other Lists, each of which can contain hundreds of thousands of records.

If you would like a copy of the program, you can download it. The installation file is password protected, so just e-Mail ( Graham Wilson,   and he'll send you the password by return e-mail.

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Online Handbooks and Guides for Priests and Religious and Lay Persons with ministries

Following a workshop at Bryanston Parish in March 2000 at which over 65 Priests and religious attended, we have developed a simple handbook on using the Internet and email. This manual represents our first attempt, and we will revise the manual on a regular basis to include the latest questions and queries.

The following material is now available:

  • Powerpoint presentation on contributing to the internet and this Catholic website
    View online / download / email request
  • Handbook on using the internet and email
    View online / download (MS Word / Adobe Acrobat) / email request

Also available are the following newsletters for inclusion in your Parish newsletters and bulletins or entrance halls (you may edit or extract content from these bulletins)

New series

What the Church is really saying about ...
  • The Catholic Charismatic Movement
  • The Role of the Laity in the Church

Coming soon!

  • A downloadable directory of Catholic websites
  • A guide to creating an online ministry or Parish website
  • Producing Parish topic based newsletters

Don't forget the excellent Christian guide to the Internet by Web evangelisation (we could never match this excellent guide, so please make use of it).







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