St Anne's, Belgravia
(Pictured below: The Old Church Building)

The First Mass in Johannesburg was celebrated in Ferreira's Mining Camp in a hut beside the bakery owned by Mr. and Mrs. Whelan by Rev. Fr. Trabaud O.M.I. on Sunday 20th February 1887; other masses are recorded inter alia, in the Blacksmith shop of Mr. Kennedy.   Later the first permanent church was built on the corner of Smal and Fox Streets (the site of the Carlton Hotel) and blessed (21st August 1887) by the Prefect Apostolic Fr.. Monginoux O.M.I. dedicated to Our Lady and St Joachim . The next parish established after this was that of Mayfair and then came that of Belgravia. 

          It is a tradition of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.) fathers, that the first parish of an area is dedicated to Our Lady and after that to St Joseph (Mayfair) and so it was that St Anne’s got its name.   The nave was blessed and opened in 1906 by  The Rt. Revd. +William Miller O.M.I. Bishop of Johannesburg.

   The parish which was first served by Fr. Serriere, then by Fr. Kempf, Fr. Wilks; and Fr. Soye; who died in June 1922.  It was after him whom The Fr. Soye Memorial Hall was named, it is he who built the presbytery – upgrading the one room adjoining the church in which the clergy lived until that point.

          After this there was an interchange between Frs.. Roux of Yeoville and Delport of Belgravia and the respective parishes, in order followed Frs. Carroll and Docherty until 1967 when the parish was occupied by Fr. P. McCluskey O.M.I. who after noticing that the façade was breaking away from the building, and was pronounced unsafe and was marked for demolition.  

          So it was that the in the tenure of Fr. P. McCluskey O.M.I. that The New Church of St Anne’s Belgravia was built, designed by B.G. Hillen of F.M. Gunnell and Assoc. – ARCHITECTS.  The Rt. Revd. +Hugh Boyle Bishop of Johannesburg blessed and opened by on 18th of November 1972

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